AP1.French Style Escargot.
AP2. Japanese Style Baked Green Mussel with Smelt Roe.
AP3. Deep Fried Honey Chicken Wing with Lemongrass.
AP4. Fried Chicken Wing with Spicy Salt.
AP5. Malaysian Style Lamb Skewer.
AP6. Malaysian Style Beef Skewer.
AP7. Malaysian Style Chicken Skewer.
AP9. Vegetable Egg Roll.
AP10. Vietnamese Egg Roll.
AP11. Salt and Pepper Beef Brisket.
AP12. Fried Fish Ball.
AP13. Fried Shrimp Ball.
AP14. Fried Pumpkin Chips.
AP15. Salt and Pepper Tofu with XO Sauce.
AP16. Fried Wonton.
AP17. Salt and Pepper Calamari.
AP18. Vietnamese Style Fried Pork.

Lettuce Wrap

LW1.Minced Chicken Lettuce Wrap.
LW2.Minced Pork Lettuce Wrap.
LW3.Minced Seafood Lettuce Wrap.
LW4.Minced Shrimp Lettuce Wrap.
LW5.Assorted Vegetable Lettuce Wrap.


SO1.Baked Crispy Crab Meat with Pumpkin Soup.
SO2.Seafood Chowder.
SO3.Clam Chowder.
SO4.Russian Borscht Soup.
SO5.Ham or Chicken in Creamy Corn Soup.
SO6.Crab Meat and Spinach Cream Soup.
SO7.Crab Meat and Spinach Maw Soup.
SO8.Fish Maw in Corn Soup.
SO9.Chicken in Corn Soup.
SO10.Mixed Seafood and Bean Curd Soup.
SO11.West Lake Style Beef Soup.
SO12.Seafood Spicy Tom-Yum Soup.
SO13.Three Flavored Sizzling Rice Soup.
SO14.Hot and Sour Soup.


SA1.Shrimp Salad.
SA2.Tuna with Avocado Salad.
SA3.Shrimp Fruit Salad.
SA4.Almond Chicken Salad.
SA5.Caesar Chicken Salad.
SA6.Garden Green Salad.


SW1.Club Sandwich.
SW2.Mustard Tuna Sandwich.
SW3.Ham and Egg Sandwich.
SW4.French Garlic Bread.
SW5.Peanut Butter French Bread Toast.
SW6.Tuna with Garlic Sandwich.